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Everyday Health: Do I Have COVID-19 Super Immunity? March 2022


New York Times Ties column: My Dying Friend Taught Me How To Live The Life I Wanted to Live June 2019


The New York Times: "Modern Love" column, Learning to Lean In, Together October 17, 2013


The New York Times Modern Love column,  What a Scale Can't Measure December 4, 2012


NextTribeUnder-eye Puffiness: Is it Worth All That Work and $$$ to Ditch the Bags? January 2019


Real SimpleI Blamed My Body For Everything That Went Wrong In My Life. January 2018


Real SimpleMarriage Was Harder Than I Thought It Would Be July 2017

Refinery29Childless, But Not Quite By Choice November 2016 


TabletFinding Happiness, Beyond the Evil Eye November 2016 

Tablet: Finding My Jewish Home, in Rome June 2016

Refinery29: Why I'm Okay With Hating CrossFit & SoulCycle September 2015


Purple Clover: I Think I Love You September 2015


Yoga Journal: Layoff Lessons: A Lesson in Self Adjustment August 2014


MorePit-y Party  June 2014

Natural Health: Natural Reaction May/June 2014

FitnessDon't Go There: How My Weight Became the One Taboo Topic in My Marriage March 2014

Good Housekeeping: Blessings column, Romancing the Stove  January 2014


SelfDancing Queen October 2009



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