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Johnson & Johnson: Do you know what heart failure is? February 2024


 Columbia School of Public Health Magazine Reimagining Public Health Education for the 21st Century (cover story) November 2023

Rutgers Magazine Rutgers Tackles the Youth Mental Health Crisis (cover story) January 2023

Columbia School of Public Health Magazine Aging Redefined (cover story) December 2022


Brain & Life How to Get the Most Benefit from Online Patient Portals October/November 2022


Johnson & Johnson: I Had a Condition That Threatened My Chances of Having a Healthy Baby October 2022 


Johnson & Johnso: Can These Nurses' Inventions RevolutionizeHealthcare? April 2022 

Everyday Health Do I Have COVID-19 Super Immunity? March 2022


Everyday Health How to Cope with a COVID-19 Cough January 2022


Brain & Life Magazine Tackling Inequities in MS Care October 2021


Brain & Life Magazine Got MS? How to Be Your Own Advocate October 2021


Johnson & Johnson How J&J Is Educating the Next Generation of Mental Health Leaders October 2021


Everyday Health What to Do When Your Family is Fighting Over Covid Vaccines October 2021


Everyday Health Summer Colds Are Making a Comeback August 2021


Brain & Life Magazine: King of Curiosity March/April 2021


Rutgers Foundation: The Path Toward Health Equity February 19, 2021


Fordham Lawyer Magazine: Perspectives on a Pandemic Fall/Winter 2020

Rutgers Foundation: No Longer A Death Sentence: Cancer Care in Africa September 2020


Brain & Life Magazine MS 101 October 2020


Brain & Life Magazine How to Hug Safely During a Pandemic August/September 2020


Yale Centerpoint Magazine A Gift of Sacrifice and Safety Spring/Summer 2020


Brain & Life Magazine (American Academy of Neurology) Managing Anxiety in the Face of a Pandemic June/July 2020


Brain & Life Magazine (American Academy of Neurology) How Sleep Protects the Brain February/March 2020


NewYork Presbyterian Health Matters: Kim's Gift Fall 2019

...more Health Matters stories


Rutgers Magazine A Mom's Greatest Nightmare Fall 2019 Does Stress Play A Role in Cancer? October 2018 After the Cure April 2018 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Stress--Including How to Manage It: December 15, 2017

Woman's DayA Son With Schizophrenia February 2017

Redbook: The No Gym, All Fun Workout Plan June 2016

Prevention: A Good Night's Sleep, Naturally August 2016

Prevention: Diabetes in the Family November 2016 Four Controversial Mental Health Diagnoses September 2015

Woman's Day: Mom Power May 2015 Are Antidepressants Overprescribed? August 2015


Redbook: Protect Yourself from Burnout September 2015

Live Happy: The Friendship Connection The Slippery Facts About Lubricants July 28, 2015 How to Choose a Personal Lubricant July 28, 2015

CosmopolitanNever Let Them See You Freak Out August 2014

Woman's Day: Back from the Brink September 2014

Good Housekeeping 7 Years Younger Makeovers January 2014

SelfThe Pleasure Diet or How to Lose Weight Without Deprivation February 2011

Self: Becoming Your Own Best Hope March 2010

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