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book doctoring


I offer ghost-editing and book doctoring services for essays, books, book proposals, speeches. and corporate content. I also offer writing-coaching by the week, day, hour or project. 

My clients and students have had memoirs and general nonfiction published by Scribner, Simon Elements; Penguin' Tarcher/Perigee, Greenpoint Press, Seal Press, Oxford University Press; Delphinium; and more, as well as placed essays in the The Cut;  the Atlantic; the Washington PostThe New York Times (including the paper's "The New Old Age" blog,"Anxiety" blog, Ties column, and Modern Love column) as well as Redbook, Self, O, Marie Claire, Salon, Good Housekeeping, Runner's World and many more national publications.

A sampling of clients' articles and essays

The Cut: My Weight Loss Lie 

Parents My Husband's Support Made All the Difference When I Had Post Party Depression


The New York Times: Parenting a Ski Jumper as a Leap of Faith


The New York Times: How to Avoid PTSD in a Post-Covid World

Globe & Mail: How Improv Classes Helped Me Learn to Live With My ADHD


The New York Times Smarter Living column: 6 Steps to Turn Regret Into Self Improvement


The New York Times Ties column: He's No Longer My Ex-Husband. He's My Co-Grandparent

The New York Times Modern Love column: Elvis and My Husband Have Left the Building

The New York Times Anxiety blog: I Was Groped on the Subway

The New York Times The New Old Age blog: Suddenly, They're All Gone


The Washington Post: "I Thought Grit Would Bring Me Success. It Almost Killed Me." 

The Street: "How Traders Are Using Text and Data Mining to Beat the Market"

A sampling of clients' books

How Do You Feel? One Doctor's Search for Humanity in Medicine by Jessi Gold, M.D., Simon Element October 2024


What Makes Him Tick? A Memoir of Parenting a Child with Tourette Syndrome by Michele Turk (Woodhall Press) June 2024 


Third Girl From the Left by Christine Barker (Delphinium) March 2023 (A New York Times Editor's Choice and a Good Morning America "Buzz Book"

Stress Resets: How to Soothe Your Body and Mind in Minutes (Workman) December 2023 


Reservations for Six by Lindsey Palmer (Wyatt-MacKenzie) Summer 2022

Kid Food: The Challenge of Feeding Children in a Highly Processed World by Bettina Elias Siegel (Oxford University Press)


How to Be Single and Happy: Science-Based Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity While Looking for your Soulmate by Jenny Taitz, Ph.D (Tarcher/Perigee) 

The Weight of Being by Kara Richardson Whitely (DaCapo Press)


Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds, by Kara Richardson Whitely (Seal Press) 


The Tapas Life by Andy Robbins


On Street Photography and the Poetic Image, by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb (Aperture) 

The Marco Chronicles by Elizabeth Geoghegan (Shebooks)

Love Junkie by Anna Marrian (Shebooks)


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